Trading with a twist.

For some reason, we just can’t leave well enough alone. Probably because well enough isn’t good enough for us anymore. We think the industry can do better. It should be better: for buyers and for sellers.

Bringing years of knowledge to the table, we formed our new company, Conexus Energy, LLC, with our longtime partners, NGP Capital Management. Led by Jim Kincaid and his core management team of twenty-eight years, who brought you names like Regency Logistics and Wells Fargo Commodities; we set out to do something that’s hasn’t been done before in energy marketing, turn it on its ear.

Based in Tulsa, OK, Conexus will provide all of the energy marketing services consumers and producers are accustomed to receiving, but with a twist. First, we are committed to structuring objectively fair pricing to all of our clients. Second, we are uniquely experienced in buying, transporting, and storing product within capacity constrained basins. Third, we will be offering “membership” to certain companies. Conexus is setting aside a portion of its quarterly earnings as a dividend to its members, based on quantities transacted with Conexus.

For our customers, this means better service, reasonable prices, and quarterly dividends.